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Sponsorship & Support

At Dihlabeng Christian School we celebrate everything that is good about the children’s personalities, talents and achievements but photographs can sometimes be misleading. The majority of the children cope with difficult circumstances at home caused by poverty, sickness (including HIV) and unemployment. Some are orphans having lost one or both parents; the school therefore becomes their extended family. The majority of pupils are sponsored for part of their school fees by people in the UK, Europe, Dubai, the USA and South Africa

How YOU Can Help: The Sponsorship Programme

Dihlabeng Christian School is registered with the South African government as an Independent Primary School. We are a low fee paying school and, as such, we receive a small quarterly subsidy from the Ed. Department. Fees are set by the School's Governing Body (SGB) according to the 'School Fees and Sponsorship Policy'. Disadvantaged families can apply for support and fees reduction. Some parents pay the full cost of school fees, whilst those of needy children only pay a reduced fee which differs according to individual circumstances and is subject to SGB approval. Children who are orphans pay no fees.

Sponsorship is sought for the majority of the children who attend the school. Children spend 9 years overall at Dihlabeng School, from Grade RR to Grade 7. Sponsorship can be a commitment for the whole period or for part of the time, whichever you request. The children in Grade RR class (pre-school) of the Foundation Phase are not included in the child sponsorship scheme but we still need funding for their support as a group.

The most needy children require sponsorship of approximately R1,000.00 per month (£50.00 per month), whilst others may need less according to their circumstances. This will help to cover their school fees only, it does not cover uniform and stationery. Any amount given towards school fees can help a child and it will also help a family to feel supported and valued. We endeavour to match the child's needs with the amount donated. Any money donated goes directly to the school's accounts; it is not given directly to the family.

As a child sponsor you will be allocated a specific child. You will be sent a copy of the child’s school report twice a year, plus letters and small pieces of work done by the child. A picture of your child will be sent to you each year. The coordinators of the sponsorship programme will also produce a newsletter and keep you informed of school news. While every effort will be made to keep each sponsor with the child allocated to them, circumstances may change and it will be at the discretion of the Principal and the coordinators to reallocate funding where appropriate. However, you will always be advised of any changes.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please complete your contact details on the response form following the link below and we will contact you with relevant information.

To sponsor a child please click here.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Support the Pre-School - Regular donations to the Pre-School will help pay a teacher’s salary and provide equipment and resources for this important phase.
  • The Feeding Scheme - The Feeding Scheme provides breakfast and lunch for some of the most needy children. Meals are cooked on the school premises. Some money from this fund may also be used to help provide uniform and other school items for some of these children.
  • Teacher Training - The school is committed to in-service training of all teaching and assistant staff. We provide short term bursaries towards college fees and funds for specific training courses.
  • General School Funds - Extra funds raised through the sponsorship programme also help to provide classroom equipment, money for extra-curricular activities, plus resources for special needs education.

If you would like to make a regular contribution to the school in any of the ways above, or make a single donation, please click here.