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About Us

Dihlabeng Christian School is situated in Clarens, a small town on South Africa’s northern border with Lesotho. The town is about four hours south of Johanesburg and is 6,000 feet up with stunning scenery where the Drakensburg and Maluti mountains meet.

Our school has developed as part of Dihlabeng Christian Church’s belief that it is God’s plan to use His Church to change individual lives and impact nations. The school was started in 2000 by Margaret Grant with the aim of serving the poor and bringing hope to the hopeless. Beginning with just seven Basotho children, we met in the garage of a private home until a house in the local township was found. The school grew steadily in 2000 and at the end of the year we had 19 children attending full-time. Growth continued and a larger building became necessary. In July 2001 we moved to our current location, a municipal farm, which gave us space for future expansion.

We now have classes from Pre-School up to Grade 7.  In 2019 there are approximately 170 children on role from English, Afrikaans and Basotho communities and over 20 staff from both black and white cultures.  Some of our local staff have been sponsored to do their training through generous donations from the UK and overseas. Our multicultural staff team working in harmony serves as a positive role model for the children. We believe we are preparing the next generation to love, respect and learn from other cultures as they grow together. The school, together with the church, also provides an environment in which children can meet Jesus Christ and develop a personal relationship with Him.

Our Aim

  • To serve the poor and bring hope to the hopeless – the school will be... ‘like a shelter from the wind and a refuge in a storm . . . like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a rock in a thirsty land’. Isaiah 32 v. 2
  • To break down the hold that poverty has over many families - As education increases poverty decreases’

Our Vision

  • To be a school with growing numbers of children and staff from different nations working together in a strong multicultural team
  • That a personal belief and faith in God can change people’s lives and the lives of others around them 

Our Role

  • Many of our children’s families are very poor, some children do not have parents or their parents do not have jobs. Children from the poorest sectors of the community are offered places
  • Dihlabeng provides a much wider education than is available at other local schools and is overtly Christian
  • Sponsorship is sought to help pay for the children’s school fees thereby giving them the chance to go to a better school and improve their chances in the future