Welcome to Dihlabeng Christian School

Dihlabeng Christian School is situated in the small town of Clarens in South Africa, close to the border of Lesotho. We are a non-profit independent school seeking to serve the local community. Our school aims to provide children with an excellent primary school education and is helping to break down the hold that poverty and disadvantage have over many families. We have built a unique school community which is multi-cultural in every sense of the word. We endeavour to create a safe and secure family atmosphere where every member of our school community feels valued. Our sponsorship programme and feeding scheme supports children from materially disadvantaged backgrounds and we are grateful to our sponsors from around the world for their ongoing support.

Our lessons are planned according to the South African National Curriculum and we have a wide range of extra clubs teaching life skills, sports and creative activities. Our enthusiastic team made up of staff from the local area and international volunteers are dedicated to providing stimulating and fun learning experiences for all children, striving to give children the best possible start and hope for the future.